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    D – Aspartic Acid (DAA)
    Zinc Citrate
    Fenugreek Extract 6:1
    Horny Goat Weed Extract 5:1

Clinical Review

Alpha Elite is a dietary supplement that contains a special combination of ingredients which have been shown through clinical research to combat natural testosterone deterioration and enhance overall male performance. The proprietary blend of five ingredients has the ability to increase blood flow, energy levels, and libido, while enhancing mood, boosting lean muscle mass, and safely elevating testosterone levels. This report describes the health benefits of the ingredients that were specifically chosen for Alpha Elite.

Increased Testosterone Levels, Sexual Desire, and Arousal

According to clinical research, D-aspartic acid (DAA), fenugreek, tribulus, zinc citrate, and horny goat weed extract, which are the five ingredients contained in Alpha Elite, increase testosterone levels, enhance libido, and promote penile erections. DAA, for instance, is an amino acid that promotes the production of testosterone by acting upon a stimulatory receptor known as N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA). NMDA receptor activity is associated with the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus, which subsequently triggers the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). Both of these hormones regulate testicular activity. FSH, in particular, stimulates the production of sperm, while LH stimulates testosterone synthesis [1]. DAA also leads to an increase in testosterone synthesis by upregulating genetic material known as messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), which produces a protein called stimulating steroidogonic acute regulatory protein (StAR) that ultimately regulates the production of testosterone [2].

Research has also repeatedly shown that fenugreek can be safely taken daily and that fenugreek supplementation boosts testosterone levels, muscle strength, and lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat [3-6]. Fenugreek has been shown to inhibit aromatase and reductase, which are enzymes that are responsible for breaking down testosterone [3]. In doing so, this herb allows testosterone levels to increase while it is circulating in the body. Fenugreek also contains saponin glycosides which have been associated with higher levels of testosterone [7]. The glycoside component of fenugreek is not highly susceptible to degradation from stomach and liver enzymes and this leads to higher circulating levels of fenugreek and the subsequent boost in testosterone. Healthy levels of testosterone are needed for proper muscle strength and performance, reproductive processes, and overall vitality. Fenugreek has even been shown to improve sexual arousal and erectile dysfunction without causing negative changes in sleep patterns or mood [5].

Furthermore, the saponin contained in fenugreek stimulates the release of the human growth hormone (HGH) from pituitary cells as well as the production of nitric oxide, the latter of which improves erection [7, 8]. Nitric oxide increases blood flow to vital organs by causing blood vessels to dilate, thereby improving penile erection. However, the increased production of nitric oxide does not cause the heart to pump harder than necessary to circulate blood throughout the body [8]. Nitric oxide also helps protect blood vessels from inflammatory damage by inhibiting the production of proteins that are associated with inflammation. This helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels and is important for sexual arousal.

The horny goat weed extract also leads to improvements in libido and erectile health by stimulating the release of nitric oxide (9). However, the mechanism involves the inhibition of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which is primarily found in the penis and lungs. PDE5 inhibition prevents the breakdown of a messenger molecule called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which leads to the prolongation of nitric oxide production and release [9]. This process results in the dilation of blood vessels and in doing so, horny goat weed extract improves blood flow to the penis. Additional studies have shown that horny goat weed extract boosts blood flow and nerve growth in the pelvic region as well as prevents the accumulation of high cortisol levels [10, 11]. Elevated cortisol levels promote the retention of fat and the degradation of testosterone [11].

Tribulus, another one of the five ingredients in Alpha Elite, is a plant from which the leaves have been used throughout the years as an aphrodisiac and a dietary supplement for urinary and reproductive-tract issues [12, 13]. In particular, tribulus has demonstrated the ability to stimulate the production of sperm while improving the viability and motility of sperm cells as well as prolonging erections, thereby enhancing sexual activity [12]. Similar to DAA, tribulus triggers the release of FSH and LH, which boosts sperm and testosterone production [14]. Tribulus has also been successfully used to improve energy levels and overall well-being in individuals who were suffering from persistent fatigue, lethargy, and lack luster [15].

Furthermore, tribulus contains saponin, which has previously been described as a substance that promotes the production of testosterone and the release of nitric oxide [16]. In doing so, tribulus also helps improve erectile dysfunction. One particular study even showed that most men who consumed tribulus daily experienced a threefold increase in testosterone levels [14]. Overall, tribulus has been shown to enhance energy metabolism and help restore stamina, vitality, and vigor as well as improve muscle tone and motor activity through various processes. The multifaceted nature of tribulus makes this ingredient especially beneficial and also played a role in the decision to include tribulus as one of the main ingredients in Alpha Elite.

The fifth ingredient in Alpha Elite, zinc citrate, has been shown to help raise testosterone levels as well as boost energy. Even the mildest deficiency of zinc can reduce sexual desire or limit gains in lean muscle mass [17, 18]. More specifically, a deficiency in zinc citrate is associated with impotence, delayed sexual maturation, mental lethargy, a weakened immune system, and hormonal imbalances in males, particularly low levels of testosterone [17-19]. Similar to fenugreek, zinc citrate inhibits aromatase in order to prevent this enzyme from breaking down testosterone and it also increases sperm production [17, 18]. Therefore, replenishing the body’s supply of zinc citrate has the ability to maximize the production of testosterone in men and in doing so, can dramatically improve sex drive, performance, and stamina.

The five ingredients that were chosen for Alpha Elite were all selected on the basis that clinical research demonstrates their ability to safely boost testosterone levels, reverse erectile dysfunction, and improve overall sexual performance. Most of the ingredients, however, provide additional health benefits that make them useful toward regular activities which require optimal energy levels and mental clarity.

Improved Mental Health, Energy levels, and Lean Muscle Mass

Clinical research has shown that DAA improves mental health, energy levels, and increases lean muscle mass by improving testosterone levels [20]. More specifically, it has been reported that dietary supplements which boost testosterone levels lead to the stimulation of the amygdala and this results in enhanced ambition, confidence, and mood [20]. Furthermore, the body breaks down amino acids such as DAA and uses the by-products for energy during physical activity, as well as to boost muscle growth and repair after exercise [21]. Interestingly, men who suffer from low testosterone typically report experiencing recurring tiredness and lethargy [15]. As circulating testosterone levels increase, however, so do energy levels. In addition, testosterone boosts the concentration of red blood cells and helps transport oxygen to the muscles. This process improves stamina during exercise, especially vigorous physical activity, which has been shown to cause microscopic-sized tears to form in muscle tissue. Fortunately, amino acids such as DAA stimulate the production of proteins that promote the repair of these tears [21]. Moreover, the healing of the tears is initiated by new muscle tissue growth, which increases the overall size of muscles and subsequently boosts lean muscle mass.

DAA also stimulates the release of HGH, which is a known muscle building hormone [1]. In addition, DAA accumulates in the testicles where it signals to the body that testosterone synthesis should continue. Once the DAA has been metabolized, testosterone levels return to what they were prior to supplementation. Therefore, it is important to take a supplement containing this type of ingredient on a daily basis in order to experience its ongoing benefits. It is recommended that three Alpha Elite tablets be taken before breakfast, thereby providing the body with an ample supply of ingredients such as DAA which can be efficiently utilized throughout the day.

Tribulus has also been shown to boost energy levels, increase muscle tone and enhance motor activity, mostly through its ability to regulate the release of anti-stress hormones that are produced in the adrenal cortex, such as cortisol [22]. However, its ability to stimulate the release of nitric oxide also improves the delivery of blood and oxygen throughout the body, thereby allowing individuals to attain powerful muscle pumps and vascularity during all physical activity. Furthermore, enhanced muscle pump function improves overall performance, which allows individuals to fully enjoy themselves during vigorous exercise as well as experience the most optimal gains in lean muscle mass. In addition, tribulus supplementation is associated with the regulation of lactic acid [23]. During intense exercise, the acid-base balance in the kidneys begins to change and this causes lactic acid to gradually increase in the muscles that are being engaged. Increasing lactic acid levels is the body’s way of signaling that powerful physical exertion is taking place and this results in the reduction of muscle activity in order to prevent serious injuries from occurring.

If lactic acid levels continue to increase, the acid molecules will begin to split into hydrogen ions and lactate. Hydrogen ions cause the acidity of muscle tissues to become too high and this leads to painful burning sensations that usually cause individuals to stop exercising [24]. In general, this process helps prevent serious muscle injuries and ensures that muscles which received microscopic-sized tears will be provided with enough time to repair themselves before the next exercise session. As previously mentioned, lean muscle mass is gained as new muscle tissue forms to repair the tears. When muscles are not given enough time to properly repair, unexpected injuries and muscle scarring may occur. Fortunately, tribulus contains several essential components that help promote proper muscle performance and repair.

Fenugreek also leads to increases in lean muscle mass through two proposed mechanisms. The first involves its ability to reduce aromatase activity, which would otherwise convert testosterone into estrogen, making it quite hard for men to build lean muscle mass [4, 6]. The second mechanism appears to involve the role it plays in the regulation of blood sugar and whether food that is consumed will be used by the body for fat storage or muscle protein synthesis [3]. Research shows that individuals who take fenugreek often lose more body fat from exercise and experience larger strength gains than those who were given a placebo [3]. Therefore, fenugreek helps people lose fat, gain lean muscle, and improve strength output.

In reference to improving energy metabolism, optimal levels of zinc citrate need to be circulating in the body in order to prevent low energy levels as well as a weakened immune system [19, 25]. Both of these factors can affect or completely hinder proper performance during physical activities. A zinc citrate deficiency may even cause individuals to retain body fat [17, 18], which would seriously hinder the ability to develop lean muscle mass. Accordingly, people who suffer from health problems that are related to an impaired immune system generally improve when they increase their intake of zinc citrate [25]. Zinc citrate stimulates the production and activation of various cells (e.g., T-lymphocytes) that help regulate the immune system’s defense mechanisms [19, 25]. As a result, zinc citrate is another essential ingredient in Alpha Elite that provides numerous health benefits.

Overall, the combination of ingredients that were chosen for Alpha Elite have been shown to stimulate sexual arousal, enhance mood and mental health, intensify energy, and improve the performance of vigorous activity. Furthermore, the selected ingredients have demonstrated the ability to boost testosterone and increase blood flow to the pelvic region, which subsequently enhances penile erections, libido, and stamina. By improving testosterone levels and even stimulating the release of different muscle-building hormones, the ingredients in Alpha Elite can alleviate feelings of fatigue and lethargy, while increasing energy, strength output, and lean muscle mass after vigorous exercise. Moreover, several of the ingredients have the ability to delay the onset of fatigue during physical activity by prolonging the release of nitric oxide and this leads to enhanced overall performance as well as an improved experience. Finally, this dietary supplement is stimulant free and the five ingredients contained in Alpha Elite provide the described health benefits safely.


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