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Take Charge and Become One of the Alpha Elite with the Launch of Hantian Labs’ Stimulant Free Testosterone and Performance Booster

Alpha Elite HantianLONDON, March 11, 2015 /CNW/ – Hantian Labs is thrilled to announce the launch of its revolutionary testosterone boosting performance enhancement supplement, Alpha Elite; the key to a strong male mojo.

From muscle density and sexual drive to cognitive health and confidence, testosterone is the hormone that makes men feel and behave like men.  Levels start to decline after the age of 30, with symptoms ranging from fatigue and depression to loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

The clinically proven proprietary blend of five ingredients in Alpha Elite has been shown to intensify sex drive,  performance and safely increase testosterone levels.  Taken daily, the formula delivers blood flow to the pelvic region, improves sexual desire, accelerates muscle recovery and attains powerful pumps and vascularity during physical activity, while enhancing confidence and mood, alleviating feelings of lethargy, and improving mental edge and capability.

“What sets Alpha Elite apart,” says Hantian Labs Managing Director, Christian Diesveld, “is its ability to naturally and safely increase testosterone and overall male performance: with no adverse effects or downsides.” Rather than replacing declining testosterone with damaging synthetic forms (the primary method behind most prescription medications), Alpha Elite was formulated to amplify the body’s ability to produce natural testosterone in a healthy functional manner.

“Times have changed and so have our attitudes towards supplementation,” continues Christian Diesveld, “Testosterone is not just for the body builder, it is for every man who needs and wants an edge in life: anyone who wants to feel that same drive and appetite for life he felt in his youth.”


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